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‘Spooky and compelling – a great debut’

Peter James

The Winter’s Sleep

Monica Cafferky’s debut novel, The Winter’s Sleep, explores the darker side of the spirit world as well as the darker side of the human psyche, and what people are willing to risk to create the life they desire.

A fast-paced thriller with a supernatural twist, The Winter’s Sleep takes the reader on a breathtaking ride from Leeds to the Yorkshire coast, and the depths of the underworld.

It’s available in paperback, and on Kindle.

About the Author

Monica Cafferky is one of the UK’s top freelance journalists. Her work has appeared in numerous national newspapers and magazines. She has also co-authored three self-help books (published by Little Brown), one of which is an international best-seller. The Winter’s Sleep is her debut novel. Find out more about Monica Cafferky at http://www.monicacafferky.com.

The Girl Who Loved Too Much

Michelle Gordon’s latest novel, The Girl Who Loved Too Much, is a modern take on It’s a Wonderful Life.

What would you do if you suddenly found yourself in a different reality that was better for you, but not for those you loved?

Caru loves to make things. And collect things. And give gifts. She loves to print, sew, knit, paint. Her life is full of unfinished projects, yet devoid of financial stability and romance. Though she loves her life, she finds herself disappointing people and struggling to keep everyone happy.

So when Caru wishes life could be simpler, and then finds herself in a completely different world, where her life is easy, money is abundant, and her long-term boyfriend is the most fabulous cook, she can’t quite believe her luck.

But will all her wishes come true? Or will the dream turn into a nightmare?

The Girl Who Loved Too Much is now available on Amazon in hardback, paperback, and Kindle.

About the Author

Michelle Gordon is the author of seventeen novels, a poetry collection and a self-help book. She has a million hobbies, and not enough time to do them all. She loves to walk in the woods and take photographs of wild mushrooms. You can follow her on Instragram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and even LinkedIn. Or you can visit her website.