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Burglar to Buddha

At 18 years old Simon Paul Sutton found himself in prison, with nothing but a life of drug dealing and burglary waiting for him on the outside. On his release, Simon vowed to escape.
Making the decision to become an actor was the lifeline Simon needed. It led him to theatre school and then to acting in TV and films. During those years he began questioning his existence and asking the big life questions.

Who am I ?
Why am I here?
What is truth?

And then love showed up and
changed everything.
Transparent, honest, intimate and funny, Burglar to Buddha gives you the chance to experience life through the eyes of a boy trapped in a world of drugs, crime and fear, who evolves into a man focused on truth and love.

About the Author

Simon Paul Sutton nomadically travels the globe in service to that which is greater than him by co-creating sacred temples, retreats, festivals and events. He supports those who feel the call to face themselves within and strip away all that holds them back from the truth of who they are – LOVE.

Simon is passionate about the power of transparent communication, sexual liberation and the shift that occurs spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically when we take radical responsibility for our lives and choose to love ourselves wholeheartedly.

Some call him a raging optimist when he speaks of his dream of the more beautiful world that is possible right here, right now. A world which embraces co-existence and co-creation over domination and exploitation. When fear, hunger, poverty, and crime will be made obsolete as all humans awaken to the sovereign, majestic, divine, multi-dimensional beings that we truly are. An alive, aware and thriving species co-creating infinite possibilities.

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Little Something

A motivational memoir which is as real as it is miraculous.

After getting married, trying for a baby was the next logical step. But nothing happened. Nothing. Months and months of nothing. Medical tests showed that there were issues on both sides and treatment would be required to even have a small chance of getting pregnant. But with almost 100 pounds of weight loss standing in the way, Elizabeth Lockwood just couldn’t see how it would be possible. 
But it was, and after losing weight, IVF treatment became a reality. Two treatment cycles later, and no baby, Elizabeth turned to running to aid her mental health. In training for marathons she found a positive way to move forward.
But then it all changed… 
Little Something is about hopes, dreams, and resilience. Finding ways to illuminate the darkness, and never ever giving up. Oh, and the miracles that occur when you least expect them.
Little Something is available in hardback, paperback, and Kindle.

About the Author

Elizabeth Lockwood was born in a small town in South Wales, but grew up all over the place. She spent most of her childhood listening to music or trying to be the funny one. She gained three English degrees at different universities and tried (but mostly failed at) several types of career. Elizabeth followed a rather manic path to motherhood. After years of infertility, weight loss and marathons, the ups and downs have taken her from heartbreak to happiness and helped her become a more positive person. 
Elizabeth lives in Wales with her husband and children. She loves keeping fit, studying psychology, editing books, listening to ABGT, writing, and anything magical.