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hope dealer

For every perceived failure, a zillion expanded worlds

Edges become blurry, as all becomes one

Grace is substantial, the rest will fade

Only Love. always Loved

Falling in Love with myself

We are the Heavens in drops of Gold

Hope Dealer is a book of poetry and illustrations by Catriona Messenger available now in paperback and ebook.

About the Author

Writing has always featured in Catriona Messenger’s life, having been inspired by her poetic grandmother. Not only is it Catriona’s favourite way to express herself, it is a safe place to explore inner worlds. Catriona is sure that all the answers to her questions about life, are hiding inside herself. She finds inspiration in the joy of nature and stillness, and in the discomfort of noise and busyness, and has come to realise that it’s all communication. She is inspired every day by the stream of thoughts and feelings she experiences, and the awareness of which ones she wants to follow and give life to.

Catriona joined a creative writing group in 2017 called Mungrisdale writers, and other than writing poems for her children when they were young, this was the first time she had shared her poems with others. Writing supported her greatly in her most challenging time, the passing of her 13-year-old daughter, and continues to do so.

Catriona fell in love with ink pens and drawing in her teens and even though over the years she has experimented with many creative ideas, she is always drawn back to this first love. She grew up in Cumbria and continues to live there, happily surrounded by family, friends and pets, hills, trees, rivers and wildlife. A favourite pastime is being out and about with her Border Terrier, Miri.

Duelling Poets

For 30 days in 2012, Michelle and Victor each wrote a poem a day, taking turns to choose the titles. Michelle is an author, who was in her late 20s at the time, and Victor, a retired journalist in his 70s. Their differing experiences and perspectives created contrasting poems, despite being written about the same theme.

In Duelling Poets, we invite you to read the poems and choose your favourites, then at the end, you can see which poet wins the duel for you.

Duelling Poets is available now

About the Author

Victor Keegan is a British journalist and author focusing on economics and technology issues. Born in London, he has spent most of his working life at The Guardian as reporter, financial correspondent, deputy financial editor, economics editor, business editor, duty editor, Chief Leader Writer, Assistant Editor and Online Editor.

In 2010 he published two iPhone apps: City Poems which links classic poems to the streets of London that inspired them using satellite links. Geo Poems contains all of the poems in his three books linked by geo-tagging to the people and places around the world that inspired them. A third app released in 2011 uses the phone’s geo-location feature to take a tour of Shakespeare’s London. He also writes poetry, paints using virtual techniques, and takes photographs. His three books of poetry (Crossing the Why, Big Bang and Remember to Forget) are available on Kindle.

He is married to Rosie Keegan and has two sons, Daniel and Christopher.